Tuesday, January 31

Half-way there!

A 4D ultrasound of our little baby girl, still in the womb :)
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Friday, January 29

Cache Kuni!

I've just started a very simple online store that caters to the small, but growing, geocaching community in Japan. My new web site is called Cache Kuni!.

I'm selling geocaching related products, such as nano caches, official geocaching.com containers, and geocoins and Travel Bugs. I'm also trying to create a community by hosting an online forum section on my web site where hopefully geocachers from all over Japan will join to discuss the hobby.

It's a very small business right now, but here's hoping it takes off!

PS And for my Japanese readers:


Monday, November 2

Slurp Redux: Eat Jc, Eat!

Courtesy of genfab!

As promised, my big Internet debut! I hear that Internet access speeds in Canada leave something to be desired (#22 in the world!?) so I hope you won't have to wait too long to download and watch this!