Monday, December 25

Another use for a Frisbee!

We had a bonenkai (end-of-year party) for my Ultimate team Iku! at my place. Rob, ever trying to get everyone as drunk as possible, got three lucky guys and three lucky girls to compare their drinking abilities in a competition. Rob gave each team a Frisbee and filled it with beer (3 liters I believe!) and each team member had to drink from a straw! The boys won by only 5 seconds. Kumi on the girl's team really sucked back beer like there was no tomorrow!

VIncent's Housewarming

My friend Vincent just bought a new house with his fiancee and had a house warming. The house a new 3 story building of about 90 square meters. The party was fun, though the heating had yet to be installed so a bit cold. Vincent is to my right, unfortunately his fiancee Makiko took this picture so she's not in it.

Sunday, December 3

Tokyo Sunset

IMG_0476, originally uploaded by jc.imbeault.

The sun is coming down so early now in Tokyo. It's dark by 5 PM; I never get out of the office in the light any more. The one good thing is that we get some pretty amazing sunsets. Here's a picture of one from my office.

Monday, November 27

Iku! at the 2006 Gaia cup

I spent the weekend near mount Fuji playing in the 2006 Gaia cup with my ultimate team. Loads of fun, great weather on the first day and mount Fuji looking down on us. Thanks to Bruno for the great team picture!

Brown eyes will make you blue

Hello everyone, this is my first blog posting and what better picture to start off a first post than my own mug?