Sunday, August 12

Kirin Brewery

Last week we went to visit the Kirin Brewery and beer museum in Yokohama. Interestingly the name of the station where the brewery is located is Namamugi, which literally means fresh barley. The tour itself was not very interesting and went by pretty quickly. And since we went on a Saturday the machinery was not running so we didn't get to see the bottles and cans spinning around. We did get two free beers each at the end though! I just wish they would have served some of their less popular beers instead of their number one and two best sellers.

Monday, August 6

Little girl with an umbrella

Question: Is the girl real?

Old Japan

A nice picture of what a old traditional Japanese house looks like. Not that I know any one in Japan that has such a house except for the royal family. Though the various temples have buildings like these.

Never this white

Another picture from Tobu World square, this one of the Taj Mahal I don't think the real this is this white any more ...