Monday, October 29

And the chips are in!

I got my poker chips finally! I got to use them over the weekend with some friends; so much fun. Mike and Kumi came over along with Vincent and Makiko, and Maho and Kumi's friend Satomi. Had to teach the girls how to play but once they figured it out they really got a kick out of winning a full pot.

If anyone else is looking for chips I got them from this site, A lot of choice! The quality is good and the service not too bad, though I did have to wait a while before getting them. Took about a month, seems they were out of stock of the particular chips I wanted. The chips are made in China so maybe not a good idea to chew on them ;)

Oh, and if you are wondering why we are eating cake well ... my birthday was coming up so Mike was kind enough to get cake. Thanks Mike!

Thursday, October 11


Finally got my Casino Royale poker plaques (below)! Now I'm just waiting on my poker chips to come in and I'll be having a poker night at my place with the guys.

Update: Forgot to mention that these were a real pain in the butt to get. Seems the company that own the right to these in the US won't ship to Japan. I tracked down the actual maker and guess what? It's a Japanese company (Matsui gaming)! The one sale rep I got in touch with was incredibly nice and tried to get some for me. Ends up that they don't really sell to individuals so I would have needed a minimum order of a 100 plaques. At $10 each that was way over my budget. To make a long story short I was able to find an English reseller that would ship to Japan. And again guess what ... all they do is put the order in with the original American reseller who then ships it. Boy ...

Wednesday, October 10

Halo 3

I got myself a copy of Halo 3 2 weeks back and played it for about a week before finishing. Just getting the console and the game was a feat in itself considering that I live in Japan and all XBox consoles here are in Japanese. Worse yet the games a re region encoded so you can't play a US version of Halo 3 on a Japanese console. Why do companies do this? Sucks big time. Any way, have a friend who goes onto the US army bases here qute a bit and he was able to get me both the console and the game. Thanks Curt!

Tokyo Gaming Convention

I went to the Tokyo Game Show a few weekends back with my friend Sven. This is where various video game companies display their wares, new games, etc. A big show at Makuhari Messe. The place is a bit out of the way, about an hour from Tokyo but it was a fun Sunday afternoon and since I hadn't seen Sven in a while a good way to catch up.

Lots of people in costumes there! This person is just handing out fliers but there were some die-hard anime/manga cosplay; a few pictures below. Some of these costumes were incredibly well made and of course some of the women really good-looking!

Typhoon 9 hits Tokyo

In early September Typhoon 9 (Fitow) hit Tokyo and created quite a mess. This was noticeable at the park near the Tamagawa river were I play Ultimate with a group of friends. The picture show what the fields looked like one week after the typhoon hit. The place was all muddy and there were uprooted tress here and there and a lot of weeds that must have floated in when the river overflowed.