Monday, December 31

Mes Aïeux!

A blast from the past! My Great-great-grandfather and grandmother (on my dad's side). Can you spot the resemblance? I hate to say it but grams looks like she's not too happy to see me!

Saturday, December 29

Bob Sapp Pants

Since he's coming back and will probably be taking over my place as the guy with the sweetest pad, I figured a little humiliation was in order for Scott.

Wednesday, December 12

Mike's cats

My friend Mike had a small exhibitions of his paintings tonight at the Pink cow. There where lots of cats! Not my favourite topic but some were quite good. Had I gotten there earlier I could have even bought one but by the time I had arrived all the good pieces had sold. So I'm going to have to commission a piece all for myself. Ok, Mike, I want something big and colourful for my apartment. Go!

Tuesday, December 11


Had a small thanksgiving dinner at my place. Only a few select people were invited :) Not having an oven I couldn't cook a turkey so I ended up ordering one from Fuji Mama's. I can say two things, one, the turkey was delicious! Two, a 10Kg turkey is huge! The picture doesn't do justice to the size of the bird. Let's just say we were ten people and even with Mike eating two (or was it three!) servings we only had half the turkey.