Thursday, March 27


Went to see Jumper last night. I was wanting to see this with Scott but he wasn't too eager having read bad reviews so while he's away lallygagging in a different city and with me nothing to do at night I went to see the 9:30 show. I'll have to agree with Mike's review and say that the movie is not half-bad. Hayden Christensen is woody and the movie has quite a few holes but the story was good and the action kept it going. The movie could have been so much better though. The story behind the epoch-spanning war between the jumpers and the paladins could have been developed so much more; there's a lot of material there! Maybe the sequel will be better? Nah, never happens with sequels ...

Wednesday, March 26


Been trying to find things to do on the weekends and after work. I've always wanted to do some bouldering (tried once in Ottawa and really liked it) and have found a few places in Sydney I want to try. Last night I went to Climb Fit located near St Leonards station. I had emailed ahead and had made sure there were some bouldering available as most indoor rock climbing places I found online seemed to only have climbing and no bouldering. And true to their word there was a pretty long section of wall dedicated to bouldering but ... it was totally not for beginners like myself. Just one look and I had to go ask them is they had something else. I ended up on the kid's wall used for rock climbing and using the automated wall they have. The automated wall is neat, a kind of belt wall that is powered by your weight.

I'll be trying another place later this week and hoping it has easier bouldering routes. If anyone is ever in Ottawa I recommend Coyote Rock Gym. This place which is huge in comparison to the places here, cheaper, and has easier routes.

Be Kind Rewind

Don't go see this movie. Be Kind Rewind starring Jack Black is not worth the trip to the movie theater. Had I been watching this at home I would have stopped after 10 minutes, but since I had paid good money and was sitting in the theater I plodded through and saw it to the end. Like another Jack Black movie, Nacho Libre, which I also found hard to watch, both felt like low budget movies with stilted acting at times and Jack playing an annoying character you just didn't want to watch.

Friday, March 21


Been spending a lot of time with Scott on the weekends. He's introduced me to a new activity called geocaching. Basically geocaching like a treasure hunt. People will hide something (the cache), publish the GPS coordinates of where the cache is on the Internet and off you go!

Here I am with one of the first geocaches I found. A tiny little thing and hard to find!

Saturday, March 15

First outing

This was my first weekend after a full week of work. I got Scott to take me and my friend Reiko out to a disc golf course at the Sydney Olympic park. We needed to take the ferry there, about a 40 minute ride. The ride there was nice and I got to see a lot of the harbour. Scott couldn't find much information about the actual course so we had to walk a bit to find it. We got really worried when we finally did find it though because it was on the army armoury grounds and surrounded by a fence. We found an entrance but it was a huge gate with a gard. It looked like the course might actually be private and only for the army guys! Luckily we kept walking and found another entrance open to the public. We asked the information desk about the course and found out that the course was actually brand new and had only just been set up, I think we might have actually been the first people to use it!

The course itself is huge and is good in that respect but to tell the truth I didn't like it as much as the one in Tachikawa and the one near my old place in Toyosu. The course is just too open, not many trees at all. So other than the token tree that is always placed right in front of the tee line, it's just an open stretch to the basket. We played all nine holes and Scott beat me handily and Reiko did not do so bad considering the course is so long.

Saturday, March 8

King of Kong

I went to see my first movie in Sydney this week. I went with Scott to see King of Kong, a documentary about Steve Wiebe who in 2006 tries to beat the world record for the highest score in the video arcade game Donkey Kong. Ok, this may sound like a geeky movie (and in a way it may be) but I liked it! The movie presents the history of arcade game competitions and that's interesting but more importantly it also really makes the story of Wiebe poignant, almost bring a tear to my eye at time. It's a well made piece of film and I recommend it.

Wednesday, March 5

Mardi Gras

For my first weekend in Sydney I went to the Mardi Gras parade on Sunday. Here in Sydney though this is not like your usual Carnival parade but is a big gay and lesbian celebration. It was very crowded and hard to see the actualy parade itself but it's a big event here and had to be seen.

I went to the parade with my friend Reiko. Since the crowd in front of us was thick it was hard to see the parade. Actually the people in front of us were all standing on milk crates that they had brought. We were definitely at a disadvantage. So being the gentleman that I am I scoured the area for something that Reiko could stand on. I found a food stall nearby and lo-and-behold they had a milk crate! At first they didn't want to lend it out ... so I asked the one local woman there (the others seemed to be Lebanese) if she would sell it to me for $100. She looked at me like I was joking and said ok. When I actually took out a $100 she couldn't believe I was serious! I had to convince her I was and she finally relented and sold me the crate. I'm glad to say that Reiko was then able to see the parade :)

Sunday, March 2

Where's the sun?

I'm in Sydney now. Sorry I can't post any pictures but I don't really have Internet access. I'm staying in a furnished apartment and though there is a connection in the room I don't have a PC.

So far Sydney looks a lot like my home town of Ottawa. The weather is pretty bad these days though, wet and cold. I've been told it's the worst summer in a long time.

I'll start work on Monday and I'm looking forward to seeing what the work culture is like here. I'm especially looking forward to that mythical Friday beer with the guys!