Saturday, May 24

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Went to see the new Indiana Jones movie this week with some coworkers. Not worth it. It really wasn't as good as the others (OK, I've only seen Raiders and Last Crusade but I can't imagine Temple of Doom being this bad).

Very limited characters development. The story was incredible (as in not credible) just too many times. In all the other Indy films there were very implausible situations, or Indie would do things that seemed hard to believe, like hanging on to a submarine in the first one, but it was possible. In this one ... just no way. One fine example is Indy and his 5 friends riding a boat off the edge of a 40 foot fall and surviving. Ok, once I can believe, but they do it three times in a row!

But for me the worse was the bluescreen. Too many times during the movie I could tell that none of the background was real. Have a look at the picture below. Does anything in it look real?

The movie is fun at times and the story can get a bit engaging but in the end I didn't find it up to snuff. I would not recommend spending the money to see this at the theater.

My Apartment

Here are a few pics of my new apartment on the day I moved in. I'll put some pictures of what it looks like now after I received all my furniture from Tokyo.

I live in downtown Sydney on the edge of The Rocks and the central business centre. The exact location is on Kent street, near the observatory. You can see me here on Googlemaps. It's very convenient for me since it's only ab out an 8 minute walk to the office (here).

Saturday, May 17

Settling in

Ok, so a lot of people (Mike) have been complaining that I am not updating my blog often enough so I thought I'd post a little recap of what's happened since I moved to Sydney. Now first, I was happy to hear that at least one person is reading my blog. And yes, I do wish I could post more but . . .

One, I haven't gone on any big adventures (no trips to Hawaii (Mike, how does one link to a particular post on your blog? I wanted to link to your Hawaii post but can't figure out how!)) so can't write about that. And right now I lead a pretty normal life not much to report there. And when something interesting does happen (like the night I took two girls from the pub to my place), it's not really something I can write about on my blog, my mom could read it!

Two, I am not Mike (or does he like to be called Michael now?). I have a very full-time job (or do you think I'm paying for that second and third house in Canada??) and don't have a lot of time on my hands to update my blog. I do envy Michael (Mike?) though; the guy put up four blog entries in one day! It's not like I have nothing to say, just don't have the time to say it.

Three, well there is no three. I just wanted to rant. So here are the things that have happened/are happening and will try and post about in the very near future:

  • Finally got my shipment from Tokyo. Been a bitch trying to fit two-bedroom's worth of stuff in a one-bedroom apartment
  • Not buying a place in Sydney. Have decided to buy two houses in Canada instead
  • Dating. Have not been able to get back with the ex, tried speed dating (there's a story in there, a horror story!), and Scott has introduced me to someone (about time!).
  • Writing. Want to try my hand at it, need some time and to make my place a bit more comfy
  • Rock climbing. With Scott leaving I need to find some new partners. Like it a lot and after seeing some pros want to know learn proper technique
  • Gaming. Need to find a local group so I can get my fix in!
  • Ultimate. Given up on it. Won't join the league here as the games are Monday nights from 8 - 10 PM!
That's a short list. I Promise I will get around to posting on those topics eventually!

Friday, May 16

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Saw this movie, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, a few weeks back with my buddy Scott. I wasn't expecting it to be great but was pleasantly surprised. A lot of good jokes, some very funny scenes, and nudity of the male sort (totally gratuitous but so funny!).

I especially liked the character of Aldous Snow, Sarah's new rocker and bad boy boyfriend, played by Russel Brand. Great acting there making the guy full of himself yet in a very real and likable way. I don't know if I would recommend paying a full movie fare but it's definitely worth a watch. I give it 3.5 stars out of 5.

Catching up on Lost

Now that all my stuff from Tokyo has finally arrived I've been able to set up my mac mini to download all my favourite TV series and start come much needed catch-up! So for the past few nights I've been watching Lost, and boy am I ever loving it!

I'm up to episode 9 and I just can't wait to see where the show is going! We've seen Desmond time travel, Ben materialize in the Sahara desert, a secret cave in Ben's house, and some sort of epic battle scenario develop between Ben and Charles Widmore. Talk of the island having belonged to Widmore and Ben stealing it from him, Ben unleashing the island monster, etc. Wow!

The weekend is here and I'm definitely sitting down and catching up to the most current episode. Can't wait!!