Saturday, July 19

Skip Pancakes On The Rocks ...

If ever you are tempted for a good breakfast, do not be fooled into going to Pancakes On The Rocks in Sydney. Whatever the locals might think, this is not a good breakfast place.

The pancakes are OK but ... the maple syrup is fake synthetic sugar crap, something no true Canadian should have to put up with. And don't get me started on the sausages, bland, weak, dry, blah, I couldn't be bothered to finish more than one bite.

Scott took me here with Makiko one morning thinking it was the same franchise as some other place he had been to. Hopefully I can some day find the elusive place that Scott really wanted to take me to.

New Zealand Road Trip Part II

On the second day of our trip we almost opted to fly McDonald Air the rest of our journey but decided not too. I think it had either something to do with our fear of having a yellow and red clown flying the plane or Hamburgler trying to hijack it. Don't remember which but we did give the airline's food a go.

I think the above just goes to show how insecure Kiwis are, what with the big nasty Australians so close they just have to find ways of proving their cultural uniqueness. So what exactly is a KiwiBurger? Pretty much a quarter-pounder with lettuce, tomato, an egg on the bottom, and most importantly a thick slice of beetroot. Pretty tasty I thought! I'm actually starting to like beetroot on burgers ...

Along the way we met some friends. They weren't too interested in us, just giving a sly side-glance, but considering I barely saw any sheep a horse is a horse of course.

In Auckland we tried out the Sushi Train kaiten-sushi restaurant and this was once of the more interesting (in it's simplicity) pieces they had. I was also surprised that it was not the cheapest either! It was $3 or $4 for a corn on rice! I figure you can probably make a half-dozen slices of corn of a $1 ear, turning your $1 corn cob into a tidy $18-$24. Not a bad profit!

For the evening we hit the harbor were a few nightspots are. Can't remember the name of the place we went into but as soon as we walked in we got swarmed by this girl who just had to have us sign her back, with phone numbers!

Any last but not least, Scott has lots of 'splaining to do ... How come he always seems to make it into the more interesting pictures ... Man I gotta get people to take more action shots of me!

Friday, July 18

Scott's Proctology Exam (or Our New Zealand Road Trip)

A few months back I flew down to New Zealand to visit Scott while he was in Wellington on a business trip. We met up with his long-time friend Glenn (all the way from New Brunswick) who lives and works there. Wellington turned out to be a pretty small town. I was almost going to say boring, but the fact that you can walk to whole downtown does make it easy to hit all the interesting spots in one go.

One night in Wellington was enough and we planned a road trip all the way up to Auckland with one hotel stop on the way in Taupo. Amazing how we were able to drive all the way from one end of the island to the other in less than a day, that's half the country!

Now, about the picture ... this was taking during our stop-over in Taupo. After finding a hotel we drove around for a good 15 minutes trying to find some form of nightlife and were just about to give up when we found the one street corner where the bar scene was happening. We bar hopped and eventually hit this place in the picture. They were having a Doctor/Nurse night and boy were some of the nurses hot ....

Wondering why Scott has that happy startled look? The really cute nurse definitely has something to do with it. But so do does the blond nurse in front of him ...