Wednesday, August 27


My friend Mike has great example of weird English signs, etc, from Japan. Something we lovingly refer to as Japangrish, also known as Engrish. Unfortunately I haven't found any really exciting examples in Australia of Australish, but I keep looking.

On my trip to Phuket I did see these two funny signs attempting, I assume, to promote road safety

Duh, everyone is always careful when they drive fast, no?

Sunday, August 24

The Cheapest Pad Thai in Patong!

Restaurant no. 6 was a great find, but a few days before the end of my trip I found an even better restaurant. I was crazy about this place I went there for lunch and dinner on my last three days!

I had actually walked by this restaurant a few times before since it was located on a street next to my hotel. But with a name like 'Grottino' and a sign expounding pizza you can understand why it didn't garner much attention from me. I'm in Thailand, what do I want pizza for!?

What did bring me in was a new sign they put up one day, you can see it in the picture above, 'All dishes 80 baht only'! Did that include pad thai? It sure did! With the price lower than my trustee benchmark no. 6 restaurant I had to give it a go just for fun. I went in, sat down and ordered myself a chicken Pad Thai and a cold Tiger beer.

The picture may not loo like much but that is the absolute best pad thai I have ever had. So good that I ate it for my next six meals! Not only was it delicious (even better when you squeeze fresh lime on top) it's also the cheapest restaurant meal I ever had on the whole island. Even if the price goes back to normal (160 baht I think) I would still come eat to eat the pad thai. The pad thai at no. 6 is good, a real staple, but this one is truly a find.

Wednesday, August 20

Restaurant No. 6

One thing Phuket does not have a shortage of is restaurants (another is massage parlours). The first restaurant I tried when I got to Phuket was the one above, called no. 6. My boss recommend it to me and what a great recommendation it was; I would also recommend it to anyone visiting Phuket.

Now the restaurant itself is nothing to write home about and looks like almost any other simple local eatery in Phuket. The food is not extravagant but it is authentic local food, compared to many other 'westernized' restaurants that abound. But what really kept me coming back was the cheap price. It was the one place where I can truly say I ate cheaply.

For my whole stay in Phuket I used the prices at no. 6 as a benchmark to compare other places against. Before entering any restaurant I would check the price of Pad Thai in the menu and compare it to no. 6's 100 baht Pad Thai. So for cheap local food, you can't go wrong here. The portions are small, but believe me, that's a good thing :)

Monday, August 18

Trip to Phuket

I took a small 10 day vacation near the end of July and went to Phuket island in Thailand. I had originally thought of going somewhere in the French Polynesians like Vanuatu, but coworkers and my travel agent recommended against it. Not that Vanuatu or any of the French islands, like Fiji or Tahiti, have anything wrong with them! Simply, since I was going by myself I might find those islands a bit 'boring'. You see, they are pretty small and don't have much of a night life; the beaches are exquisite and best enjoyed by honeymooners I'm told.

I've been to Thailand quite a few times, mostly to Koh Samui, and decided this time to give a different part of Thailand a try. Phuket is a well known tourist destination with good beaches and a happening night life so a good choice. I chose to go to Patong beach, the most popular beach on Phuket island.

The beach was quite nice, as good as what I remember the beaches in Koh Samui being. The only thing though, whereas the hotels/bungalows in Koh Samui are right on the beach, this is not the case in Patong. All along the beach there is a road; hotels are on one side and the beach on the other. This is not such a bad thing, but you can't just lounge out of your hotel onto the beach. A small convenience but one that was sorely missed.

Wednesday, August 6

Bike Ride for MS Reasearch

I've joined the Sydney to Gong charity bike ride to help support multiple sclerosis research. It will be held in September and is one of the many charity events that my company helps sponsor. If you're interested, you can help sponsor me! Just visit the donation page I set up and donate using your credit card.

Now some of you might be asking why there is a picture of a beaver here? Well, my company team has quite a few members and me and the other IT guys who are in this each put up a picture representing our country. You can see my team members on this page. Try and figure out what the other countries are!

Oh, and as you can see from my team page, I'm at the bottom of the rankings in donation/sponsorship .... hint, hint ^_^