Wednesday, November 12

Greek Style in honour of Jason

I almost fell over when I saw this in the local supermarket. All these years that Jason had been shouting at us that he was going to Greek Style us during bouts of board gaming I was sure that he was venting his homophobia (or should it be philia?). And/or perchance his penchant for the Hershey highway?

But no! What Jason was really offering was to serve us up a dollop of a variety of yogurt. Poor Jason, so misunderstood all these years! I can't help to say that when I saw this yogurt instantly I had pictures of hairy Greek men slathering it all over themselves in a Caligulan version of 300 with Jason yelling at the top of his lungs to the enemy, 'come on boys, let show them some greek styling!'.

Jason, here's to you bro.

Monday, November 3

Sydney Diplomacy Championships

The weekend of October 4-6 I attended the Sydney Diplomacy Championships. And no, this was not a meeting of foreign diplomats vying for world domination. Diplomacy is a board game. There is a nice write-up about the game on Wikipedia but in a nutshell diplomacy is like Risk but without the dice; there is absolutely no luck involved. The goal is world domination, the tools are your negotiation skills.

You make and break alliances, trying to convince other players to help you. But at some point you will have to break your alliances, otherwise you can't win. Everyone knows this, and all players have to balance trusting someone until you can stab them in the back, but not trusting them for so long that they get to stab you first!

The tournament was over three days with 5 games played. I did relatively well coming in third place out of 16 players (Sydney Championship Rankings). I also managed to get a prize for the best Turkey, managing to get 12 centers, this in my first game. I probably could have pushed and won the game outright but being my first game of the tournament and since I had not played in years I decided to take a draw. Looking back this was a bad decision as I never was able to do nearly as well in any of the following games. Had I pushed and won the game it would have clinched first place for the tournament since no one was able to win a game outright in any of the tournament games.

All in all it was fun and I am thinking of going to the Australian Championships in January. First place for that is a free ticket to the US to join in the World Diplomacy Championship!