Sunday, January 4

Remember this?

Ok, if you where there and read my blog, email me to say that you remember this eventful night. It's not been quite a year yet but getting close.

Ah ... If only I knew then what I know now ....


A month ago I flew down to Melbourne for the DON Cup diplomacy tournament. It was a great way for me to kill three birds with one stone. One, play in a diplomacy tournament. Two, meet my great friend Sav who I haven't seen since his days in Tokyo 5 years ago. And three, see another Australian city besides Sydney!

As far as diplomacy tournaments go the DON was not all that special. Not many players (at most two boards) and some logistical problems. But the venue was great and the organizer amazingly provided for free drinks (alcoholic!) and food at the pub (aka hotel in Australia english). I only came in 9th out of 14 but hey, it's only my second tournament.

Seeing my great friend Sav though was the high point of the trip for sure. I can't say how much I like Sav and how I always have a great time whenever I see him. The man not only promised me a wild Friday night he delivered in ways I am unfortunately unable to describe in detail on this public forum. Let's just say that going forward I shall refer to Sav as my personal pimp-daddy.

With the current climate and lack of job security I probably won't do any travelling in Australia so I was glad to be able to at least visit one city besides Sydney. All I can say is, I like Melbourne! I was only there for three days so can't really say I know the place but from my short sojurn - me likes! Melbourne is way better than Sydney.