Friday, February 27

Coming back!!!

You heard it here first! I've just been told there's a job for me in Tokyo; I'm getting transferred back!

I don't know the details, I just know that it's happening. Hopefully I'll get the specifics sometime next week. These will include departure date, relocation package (if any) and salary. You, my trusty readers, will be the first to get the full report and juicy details as soon as I do.

As many of you know I've been trying hard for a few months to get transferred back and it looks like it's finally happening. I'm so giddy!

So who's going to be first with a comment welcoming back??

Tuesday, February 17

How often should I post?

I don't post very often to my blog, and I guess that's mostly because I don't have much to say. Maybe I'm more reserved when it comes to publicly blogging about my life, maybe it's because nothing worth mentioning is happening, or maybe it's just because I work for The Man (tm) and so and quite limited in what I get to post.

In any case I was wondering how often people think I should post something? One a day? Once a week?

What got me to thinking about this was my cousin Tamara who also has a blog but posts at least a few times a day. I used to subscribe to her blog in my Google Reader but she was posting up to 10 items a day and I just couldn't keep up. Obviously this girl has a lot of time on her hands.

So voting booth is open, let me know how often you'd like to read something. That is of course assuming I have anyone reading my blog :)

Little Feet

I also did some geocaching with Scott while he was here. One of the caches was on the Sydney harbour bridge and to get on the bridge walkway we had to walk through this underpass. We noticed the cool artwork on the walls made to look like a bunch of footprints. Like armies of walk-walkers had gone up and down the walls. Imagine our surprise when we realized it was'nt art at all but real foor prints! Here I am adding my mark.

Sunday, February 15

Scott came for a visit

My good friend Scott came down from Tokyo last week on a business trip and was nice enough to stop over in Sydney to see me for a day. It's been over 6 months since Scott and Makiko left Sydney and it was great to see Scott again. I got to hear about Tokyo and how my friends there are doing and how much everyone misses me (not).

One thing Scott and I had wanted to do before he left but didn't have the chance was to hit a Japanese hostess club we saw one day walking downtown. On that occasion Glen was visiting from New Zealand and we had spotted this place. It was at the bottom of some stairs off the main street which terminate in a black solid steel door bolted shut with a doorbell.

At the time I worked up the courage to ring the bell and was answered by a Japanese guy. I asked him in Japanese what the system for the club was and he politely answered me that it was a straight $80 entrance fee and then pay as you go for drinks. We were four guys and at $80 each we decided to pass. Scott was keen to try but he instead lead us to a strip club. Scott loves the strip clubs.

Well this time Scott and I promised ourselves that we would go. Luckily for me Scott was generous enough to pay my entrance fee. (I'll possibly join the ranks of the unemployed soon so didn't feel right spending that much money).

I wish I had some great story to report about what happened next or that my writing skills were better because I really can't think of much to say, that's how little impressed I was with the place. The interior was not bad but not great either, a bunch of long sitting couches arranged in about four square areas and a bar at the back. But no one goes to a hostess bar for the furniture ... So what about the women?

Well, I was not impressed on that front. We got two and they weren't lookers that's for sure. For those who were there for Christmas titties in Tokyo (can't believe no one has blogged about that little escapade), the girls were on that level. Maybe it was because we had asked for hostesses that could speak a bit of English? Not that their English was great. One had passable English skills while the other one struggled to follow our conversation. And then we had to buy drinks, and at $10 a drink and having to buy for the girls too, the bill soon became quite large.

All in all this is something Scott and I had to do and I'm glad we did. We can now check this off our list and I do enjoy my time with Scott even if the women aren't great.

One things I did learn from this is what being a hostess is about. The two girls weren't great hostesses not because of their looks but because they had a hard time making conversation. But whereas they lacked skill when the mama came around and chatted with us for about 20 minutes it was a totally different experience. She had us talking and chatting and I was genuinely starting to enjoy myself but then she went away. It became clearer to my that good hostessing is really a communication skill and not everybody has it ...