Tuesday, March 10

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

This movie is definitely worth a watch. I was expecting the worse, a cheap superhero action movie, but got something with a lot of depth to it. The especially heavy questions of whether Ozymandias was correct in what he did or Rorschach in his unfaltering black and white view of things are food for thought.

I think I may have the original Watchmen series in my comic book collection back in Canada and will certainly read it when I go back. (Believe it or not I have some many comic books in my collection that I haven't read them all). I remember loving the original Dark Knight graphic novel and it looks like this series is just as good.

For those who didn't take Latin in school, the title refers to the saying 'Who watches the watchmen'. Oh, and the picture is a collection of the covers for the original twelve comic books that make up the series.

Saturday, March 7


Ok, probably not the kind of promotion you are expecting me to get. I found this cool torrent site that specialize in British TV shows called The Box a few months after coming to Australia and have been an avid fan of it. I especially loved the fact that the download speeds were amazing! Ok, maybe for those of us in a civilized country will real Internet like Japan the speed is actually quite normal, but for me in Australia getting anything over 50 kbps counts as exceptional.

Some of the TV shows I'm now a fan of dues to this site:

The site is by invitation-only so if you want in, let me know and I can send you an invite!

Tuesday, March 3

Things I'll Miss ...

Was going through some pictures I've taken during my stay in Australia and even though I haven't left just yet this will definitely be one of my memories of Australia. There's a story here and will have fun telling it to the boys back in Tokyo ... (oh, and thanks Sav for lending me the jacket!)

Monday, March 2


I get some amazing sunsets every evening and I thought I would share one with you. Luckily my apartment faces west so I get to see these quite often. I wonder what kind of sunset I will get to see in my new place in Tokyo? Probably none :) I don't think I ever had an apartment with a view of sunsets in Tokyo.

I was lucky enough to see really nice sunsets from my last office in Tokyo though. And considering I almost never left work before sundown I got to see them almost every day :) One of my favourite shots is this one below which makes me think of a atmospheric nuclear blast.