Monday, November 2

Slurp Redux: Eat Jc, Eat!

Courtesy of genfab!

As promised, my big Internet debut! I hear that Internet access speeds in Canada leave something to be desired (#22 in the world!?) so I hope you won't have to wait too long to download and watch this!


Urben Disaster said...

oh my god JC I can't believe you ate that! Did you actually manage to keep it down long enough to digest it?! yikes! i know how I feel after eating just one of their burgers, let alone (basically) 7!!

that being said, you should post more "today in tokyo" videos! :)

Jc said...

Thanks for the comments! Will definitely try to make more videos. I just need to convince my cameraman it's worth it!

R. said...

WOW. Just wow...

I can't believe you still looked so cheerful and composed after eating that behemoth-burger!

Thanks for taking one for the team!
(Or seven as the case may be!)

Raimbeau said...

What a feat! Did you get heartburn?? Love the last bite and the arms up as the winner. Yap slow in Canada all right. it took about 15 streams to see it all but was worth it. Did the devil make you do it?? Its been a month and there's no new short video. What's new on "today in Tokyo".